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At Low-Cost-Brokers.com, we believe that everyone should be able to invest in the stock market, even individuals with limited investment funds. In order to maintain a decent return on investments when dealing with limited capital, costs have to be kept to a minimum. Fortunately, with the advent of the internet, and online trading, the cost of trading stocks has been dropping drastically. Costs have dropped so low, in fact, that some online brokerages offer free stock trades just to get your business.

Here you will find a comprehensive comparison of online stock brokerages, trading costs, margin costs, options, and many other types of investments.

Recommended Low-Cost Online Stock Broker

Brokerage Online Stock Trade Price Requirements for Lowest Trade Price Broker Assisted Minimum to Open Account Maintenance Fee Lowest Margin Rate*
TradeKing $4.95 None $4.95 None None 3.75%

Online Stock Broker List

* All Margin accounts require a $2000 minimum balance. All information current as of 12/19/2008.


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